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Valentines Day Dating Tips

Valentines Day Dating Tips

There’s no point in denying that the landscape for dating scene has changed drastically over the past 10 years. Before, men are used to applying traditional ways to secure the girl and turn the meeting into something more lovely. That is fine because it has worked for many. But the thing is, women’s approach to dating nowadays has greatly changed as well. This means guys will now have to step up their respective games and keep their tricks exciting to make her stay. Going classic does not hurt, but you may want to incorporate some new tricks to keep up with the ever changing dating world. If you are interested, written below are some of the top dating tips you need to remember this 2017.

First and foremost, never forget the age old tradition of buying her flowers. It stands the test of time believe me.

  • Be True To Who You Are
  • Whether you are online or offline, being true to your identity is well impor9tant if you ever want your dating life to take off. NEVER ever present yourself as a poser of someone who you thought is much better than you.
  • Always Make The First Move
  • Dude, you’re the guy; you should be the one leading the relationship and not the girl. Show your authority and interest in her by doing what you’re supposed to do. Always contact her first, make her feel how important she is to you.
  • Sexting & Sexy Video Calls
  • Once you’ve gotten to that comfortable level with the girl you’re dating, then it is time to look for ways that can keep things exciting. And one good way to do just that is through Sexting.

Sexting is the term being used for when you send someone explicit material through your phone. Though it is said to be morally incorrect by old school people and proper adults, many sex experts believe it is a great way to keep the fire alive even if you’re still in the dating phase.

  • Be A Gentleman
  • Being a proper gentleman is one of the most timeless and classic rules when it comes to dating. Yes, women of today’s generation may feel more empowered than even before, but being a gentleman will never hurt you. Show proper respect to the wonderful woman you’re dating and your chances of ending up in the same altar together will be stronger than ever.


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