Losing and Gaining Weight for Men

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Working out is about finding the best routine for the right type of body. Those men who are skinny and wants to bulk up should go for a weight gain routine while those who are overweight should opt for a weight loss. Here is a list for men to follow in order to gain the results they want.

Weight Gain Routine:

This workout is for men who want to gain weight. It focuses on exercises which promotes muscle growth and body build up.

  • Protein Diet: Eat foods that have a high concentration of protein. Good examples of this kind of food are beef, chicken, beans and fish. Protein is known for its fat reducing benefits.
  • Weight training: Most of the exercises should be focused on this activity. Examples of these would be bench presses, dumbbell presses and raises.
  • Supplements: This would increase the effectiveness of the workout. Have a talk with the gym trainer for an advice.

Weight Loss Routine:

This workout routine is ideal for men who are suffering from obesity or is overweight. This training routine should be done in a moderate, yet continuous phase to avoid extra skin. Immediate weight loss will lead to unsightly flabs that might need surgical procedures.

  • Strict Diet: Go to a dietitian and have a consultation about what kinds of food to eat and what to avoid. The doctor explains the calorie count in order to watch out for the food intake.
  • Cardio Workout: These workout routine consists of jogging, running, cycling and other workout, promotes perspiration. These workouts help in burning of calories and boosting the immune system.
  • Water therapy: Drinking more water promotes faster food digestion and relieves fatigue. It also gets rid of impurities and harmful toxins in the body and keeping the liver and kidneys healthy.


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