What Are Men Looking For In A Date?

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Every man has their own preference when it comes to choosing the right one for them. It may vary from appearance, attitude, social interest, degree, background, and a lot more. So how do men define their “right one”? Here is the list of the important preference a guy could possibly wish a girl could have been.

Emotional Sensitivity – When it comes to relationship, men prefer a woman with great sensitivity. However, too much of it could lead to the full load of dram. They prefer a sensitive girl that knows how to open up and knows how to make them smile even in a little way.

Independence – No man would not want an independent woman. A woman who knows what they want and what  they wanted to become. A woman who knows how to make decisions and stand for it. Men would root for girls who have the sense of power and motivation.

Open mindedness – yes, one of the leading attributes that a man would want a girl to have is the attitude of being open to everything. Those women who do not limit themselves into what they only know, but indulge on something new and fresh experience once in a while. A woman who knows how to understand deeply and make sure that every decision she commits will make sense.

Cheerfulness – As far as a man is concerned, nothing beats a woman with pure and happy heart. This is somehow one of the favorite attitude of men in a woman. They always find a good laugh and a nice talk with a woman that knows how to make any day complete.

Sincerity – Most men typically need a sincere woman. A woman who speaks her  mind and show the world who she was. An attitude of being true to herself as what others see her. Men prefer a woman to be more honest and truthful with their feelings.


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