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What Do Men Like Doing?

What Do Men Like Doing?
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Men regularly work for about 40 to 50 hours a week. They rigorously work for their family’s future and their needs. Working through these endless tiring days causes tension to build up and never ending stress to accumulate. So most men look for every day distractions to take a little of the pressure off. Here is a list of stress relieving activities that men tend to gravitate towards:

  • Console and Computer Gaming: Men do not outgrow gaming, ever. They play these games to escape from their own reality.
  • Customizing Cars and Motorcycles: Men like to tinker and upgrade these rolling machines on the regular. Not only does it divert their focus to something enjoyable, research shows it boosts their confidence as well when they customize their cars or bikes, brag to their friends, and of course show it off to the opposite sex. This hobby may be a bit expensive, but it enhances knowledge with mechanics and may become a profitable venture in the future.
  • Sports and Muscle Building: These activities are not only keeping them in shape, but it is also an output for stress and tension. A hard workout makes them feel good about themselves as they watch their muscle-gain building up in time. It adds up masculinity and promotes dominance.
  • Beer and Going Out: When its time to relax, men want to spend time with friends, drinking beer while watching sports. They will sometimes go out and drink in taverns while mingling with so women to keep a social life active. Add sitting around smoking cigars to the mix and you have some happy, relaxed men on your hands.


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