What Men Want In Women

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Do men prefer women with attractive looks and hour-glass figure? Or do they like women who are conservative or love to read books on a Saturday night rather than go on dates? Most men droll after sexy types like Marilyn Monroe or date women that welcome a single night stand.

Study results confirmed the stereotype answers about what men want; however, psychologists discovered that beneath the stereotyped answers of wanting  sex or a slender frame & sharp curves, men want a good personality, sense of humor, romance and a mate to cuddle.

Let’s understand the considerable nuance that governs what men want.

  1. Affection

Being physical human beings, men love to touch and to feel wanted. They are attracted to women who freely offer their affections. Affection is warm and welcoming to any person.


They are pleased when women reach out and grab their hands; wanting them to be near for cuddles, kisses & hugs and to be asked how was their day.


  1. Ambition


Men who are potential caretakers for families love women who have ambition to plan their lives together. Women with ambitions are more focused about their futures and understand the way to get there.


Men believed that this type of women who will make the best mother to their children, to assist them pursue successful careers and to strive for a successful relationship. Aspiring women will not quit when the going gets rough.


  1. Character


True beauty is skin-deep as its physical manifestation will fade through the years but character remains. Some beautiful women do not have good character. It is fine for women who have sense of humor and don’t take life so seriously. They fit everywhere and get along with everyone.


  1. Confidence


Since every day is a struggle, women with confidence hold the key to pursue their dreams. Confident women will knock down the doors of resistance and reach for the stars with their man. Confident women are sexy and understand their worth that is innately appealing.


Confidence is something that can be felt from a sexual point of view. It’s almost like an energy that draws men and make for an even better sexual experience.


  1. Humility


Humble women focus their energies outward that attract men. They are compassionate with others, placing the happiness of others before their own. But, they do this in such a way that brings them peace and protection.


By being humble, women become more attractive and make good relationship. They pursue their ambition recognizing the dignity and rights of others.


  1. Intelligence

Intelligent women know so much about the world around them that they are good conversationalists. They are critically thinkers and have lots of common sense. Furthermore, their drive towards success can be the biggest turn on that men want.

Men have to make decision in life and feel secured with someone insightful by their sides to make the right ones.


  1. Respect

How women present themselves say a lot about them. In the long run, getting respect are affected by where go, who they are with, what they say and how they say it.

No man respects a woman who does not respect herself. Men prefer women who are sitting home, reading books as opposed to those getting drunk with their friends on the weekends; they prefer the one whose life is kept more low-key, as it makes her more intriguing.



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