What Type of Woman Do You Want?

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Men are diverse when it comes to preference in women. Men don’t base everything on looks alone. They observe different aspects of a woman based on the body, the looks, temperance and intelligence. Here is a list of women’s categories based on their behavior and lifestyle.

The Goddess: This woman seems to be the embodiment of facial and body perfection. The hair is dazzling, the looks are stunning and the body is oozing with sex appeal. She has high maintenance and standards that most men can’t afford.

The innocent beauty: It has that pretty face that everyone likes, but doesn’t often socialize well with people because of shyness. These kinds of women are very hard to get due to the difficulty of starting a conversation.

The bad girl: This type of women that men prefer is unbounded by any rules and lacks inhibitions. The lifestyle is free and dangerous. This type is unruly and will often argue because of many reasons.

The confident and independent: This men’s preference is considered a “class A”. She can provide for herself and is confident in everything she does. She can live without a man and has high standards. Women like this are attracted to intelligent and successful men.

The mother persona: She is the type that is suited to being a house wife that men would prefer. She can cook, do laundry and find the right things to buy from the grocery. This has a lot of maternal love to share and can lift spirits up during hard times.

The immature and childish: This kind of woman is fun to talk with because of how simple her answer is. She does dumb things from time to time, which make her cute and lovable. Her childishness and immaturity may sometimes lead to unnecessary fights.


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