Why Some Men Prefer Older Women

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Recent studies show that men between the ages of 20 and 29 prefer to date cougars. The usual norm in society is men dating younger women and women dating older men. But according to author, psychologist, and relationship coach Sam Owen, this is no longer the case as this trend is changing.

In modern society, the gender role recognizes the quality between the sexes. Young men admired older women who are able to juggle many responsibilities toward career, children, finances, fitness, housework and social life. This ability makes them more intriguing and attractively secure as partners.

Some reasons are:

  1. Woman of the world

A young man learns volumes from an older woman   aside from the many advantages of joining her in the bedroom; she knows how to please a man. She no longer has any inhibition demonstrating her knowledge. A young lover, being new in the game, has still to learn the rules of the game: he is still in the process of evaluating his sexual preferences and what can bring him the highest pleasure.

  1. She has confidence +

Confidence is sexy that has its monopoly in the older women. A young woman has not yet acquired confidence in herself. She feels inferior comparing herself with supermodels, beauty queens and movie stars who are worshipped by the male. Older woman has had many kinds of experiences that she can face anything.

  1. Most cougars know how to look good

Due to anti-aging treatments, cougers are able to erase facial lines and blotchy skin. Through plastic surgery, a 60-year-old female can pass as 40.

  1. She raises man’s ego to high heavens

The ego of older woman is inflated as she enjoys the attention of a younger guy. On the other hand, the ego of the man is bolstered as the woman appreciates his sexual performance that increases his self-esteem. They are masters of sex!

Through experience, most codgers acquire expertise in sex. Older women are like red, hot chilles and willing to teach and please their younger partners.

  1. No contract in her agenda

Many young dudes just want to have fun without any obligation, let alone settling down and raising a family.

  1. Have realistic expectations.

Older women do not look at the world through pink tinted glasses. They know that the relation will not have a fairy tale ending of living happily ever after.

  1. Enjoys sex for sex sake

Cougers are experts in the bedroom, unlike her younger counterpart; she enjoys sex and loses all inhibitions.

  1. Talks sexy

Sexual skills are acquired through age. Men and women new in the game have inhibitions and do not know the importance of sex talk. With an older partner, young men can enjoy talking about sex to the max.

  1. Less pressure

Being with an older woman, young dudes eliminate a great deal of pressure, as she is willing to pay for things. She has no illusion about romance and more easily involved in making sure in giving sexual pleasure.

Conclusion: will teach him anything and everything so he has practical

Young men hope that this persona like Mrs. Robinson from The Graduate will be his best teachers in the subject of sex so he graduates with high honors when the affair ends. Perhaps she will also share her knowledge about sex enhancements. This romantic odyssey will find him in the end a perfect sex partner.


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