Why Wearing Skinny Jeans Is Bad For Men

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When it comes to mens fashion, regardless of age or body type, everyone loves a good pair of jeans. Whether it’s a straight one or even skinny, there’s a pair of perfect pants that will surely go well with your preference. I don’t know about you, but I’m a huge fan of jeans. Actually, most guys are. We like jeans so much some of us even prefer to wear it on a day to day basis. If most adult guys are wearing slim-fit or straight-cut jeans in their everyday lives, younger men are very much into wearing skinny jeans. Tight pants have been popularized by bands, TV shows and even movies. This type of jeans can quickly highlight your body’s bottom part including your legs and butt. However, it is also notorious for giving guys the “Fake boner” whenever they sit and the denim on the crotch area folds up. The skinny jeans became a much debated piece of clothing that it garnered polarizing reaction from different men from different countries all over the world. But even if so, younger guys are still wearing them. Yes, they are quite fashionable, depending on a person’s taste, but did you know it can cause some health hazards too? Yes, skinny jeans have become one of the most unlikely health-hazardous materials in the world especially for men. And here are some of the bad things skinny jeans fanatics are putting themselves into.

Urinary Tract Infection – According to the 2012 research that famously condemned the skinny jeans as a health hazard material for men, using a pair of tight pants everyday raises the chances of acquiring a UTI which can then lead to an over-activity in the bladder that can cause more problems.

Groin Discomfort – You really don’t want to go on a day long process of doing stuff while your crotch is begging to break free right?  Not having enough space in your groin area can result to aching muscles and other unwanted painful stuff.

Twisted Testicle – Wearing skinny jeans can also twist your testicles, ouch. The lack of space in your crotch area along with your constant movements can twist your testicle sac and cut the flow of blood in it. And once you reach that point, you’re going to have to go under surgery just to have it fixed.


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