Winter or Summer Sports

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The ultimate question in sports, winter versus summer, which side are you on?

For the most part, our choices in the sports we play is determined by where we live. I doubt many surfers have emerged from Alaska, or Skiers from the Bahamas. But a huge part of North America has almost equal parts winter and summer, and the choices to pursue which ever sports they so desire.


The notion seems to be that their are many more summer sports to choose from then winter sports. Obviously in a warmer non icy environment one would think there would be more choices. And their are. You can hike, mountain climb, off road, go jogging, play badminton or tennis,  play team sports like soccer, football, basketball or even street hockey. Not to mention the countless water sports available.  In summer we just want to be outside enjoying other nature doing whatever it is we love.


What sports do we commonly associate with winter. Well that’s pretty easy. Skiing, snowboarding, skating, curling and of course hockey. Keep in mind their are countless other winter sports we can play indoors during winter. The issue with that is we tend to get a bit lazy in the winter months, thus not wanting to be as active. How many times have you heard yourself give the age old excuse, “it’s too cold out”?



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