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Zombie Movies You Probably Never Heard Of

Zombie Movies You Probably Never Heard Of


The Zombie film genre is men’s top search. Zombies are rotten and reanimated corpses of the dead that roams the world to terrorize human beings. Men enjoy Zombie films that are divided by what caused it such as diseases, dark magic and human experimentations. Films about zombies are around since the early 20th century. Here is a list of must see zombie flicks that men can enjoy with the company.

  • Pride and Prejudice and zombies: Zombies, martial arts, sword fights, and a good laugh make a perfect mix. The plot is good and it is a bit too easy to follow, but as whole it is a good zombie movie. A good thing to watch during free time.


  • The Scouts Guide to the Zombie Apocalypse: This is a great zombie film focusing on the comedy and a lot of the zombie horde. The twist and turns are few, but the humor took the movie to a new level of entertainment. This is definitely a must see movie.


  • Zombie Strippers: Gorgeous zombie strippers dancing on the pole are so wrong in many ways, however men can’t help but like it. The plot is not heavy, but the phasing of the story is nicely done. Both the action and sexiness of the film catches the interest of men.


  • The Rezort: This movie has a good number of heart racing scenes where zombies are moving at a very fast way. The action is superb and the twist and turns are perfectly placed. A great movie to watch and waste time.


  • Dead Snow: This zombie film is about Nazi soldier zombies that want to restart the plan of world domination. The duo logy consists of the revival of the zombies in the first film and the second is about the protagonist counter attack against the zombie invaders.


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